Referral Partners

Below are businesses that we want to highlight and refer our clients to:

Household budgeting is the foundation everyone needs if they desire to obtain financial freedom.  As a Ramsey Certified Money Coach, Dave offers phenomenal value through his best in class budget management services. 

 Dave uses proprietary techniques and strategies that use and require minimal time to manage and maintain a dynamic household budget.  He works collaboratively with you, his client, to create a thorough and robust budget that will outline your financial goals.  You will have a working budget within two days of meeting and it will outline a plan for an emergency fund, a debt payoff plan, and many money tips to help you think differently about your money in ways to help you build your financial freedom – living  your life without money stress and worries. 

What we accomplish together:

  • Dynamic household budget
  • Customized debt elimination plan
  • Useful money wise and savings tips
  • Simple and efficient money tracker 
  • Debt free living 
  • Money plan of a lifetime

Adams Bank & Trust is a family owned community bank founded in 1916. We currently have 22 branches throughout Nebraska, Kansas, and Colorado. Todd S. Adams is the CEO and Chad S. Adams is the President of ADBANC Inc (the holding company of Adams Bank & Trust).  We are entering our fifth generation of leadership while continuing our tradition of success and strategic vision.  As a family owned and operated bank, we remain independent with strong capitalization to ensure we can serve our customers for generations to come. Our priority is being your foundation for financial success.


Whether you are an individual, business, or public entity, the IntraFi Network can give you peace of mind regarding your money’s FDIC coverage. With an IntraFi account, you work with a bank you know and trust and your information remains secure with AB&T – all while the network provides you multi-million-dollar FDIC coverage! There are term deposit options AND liquid options giving you access to your funds whenever you need them. Also, the funds are reciprocal, benefiting your community and other customers of AB&T. Let’s connect to see if an IntraFi account is right for you.

Comprehensive financial planning via asset protection, reducing tax liability , and wealth accumulation.

My ideal market is business owners, and pre-retirees looking to protect assets and income while creating efficiency and maximizing what the market has to offer in accumulation.

As a former owner of a home health staffing agency and a physical therapy/personal training business, I especially resonate with business owners and healthcare professionals.

I was drawn to the financial services field because when my parents needed long term care, and did not have the appropriate funding, I saw the financial hardship that it caused for my family.

Areas of expertise:

  • Succession planning
  • Estate planning
  • Long-term care insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Distribution planning
  • Tax strategies
  • Annuities
  • Investment portfolio management and asset allocation
  • Retirement rollovers